The TV Pilot „Reset“ could be financed by a crowdfunding campaign, but then, despite positive feedback and sincere interest to locate a transmitter, said 10 wanted to produce episodes. As the following pilot proves, is a real shame. The series acts as an antidote to the weekly administered trash, AMC accuses his consent Zombie viewers to Frass. In contrast to the adventures in the forest there are in „Reset“ an immediate sense of size and location, where the story takes place. It is refreshing to, like the characters rather makeshift shimmy from one situation to another, without there being always large „events“ must give, with whom „The Walking Dead“ almost exclusively operates. At the same time, there is no long monologues still pregnant with meaning dialogues, the people speak and act very authentic to my mind. For this purpose the representation of violence focuses less on the zombie bites, but the deeds, the harm to the survivors mutually. I like especially the melee in the skyscraper, as short as it may be. Here an exciting feeling of closeness is created for me, something, I at „The Walking Dead“ miss has always. Even the rather quiet sound mix gives me a sense of reality. The series would have told of a group of survivors, after the outbreak of an unspecified disease in Greater Paris between gangs and Zombies must survive.

RESET focuses his story on 5 survivors in the midst of infected, but also gangs can be even more dangerous, in a post apocalyptic Paris. The world is gone and these 5 very different personalities will have to reveal themselves to survive.