„Order“ is the first Finnish superhero film, a fantasy actioner in the spirit of „The Punisher“ and „Spawn“, the TRAILER can at least suggest a grim-brutal work. The Synopsis is clearly in this direction: Rämö (Kristofer Gummerus) is a good husband and a loving father, who is struggling in an economically devastated country, with its unemployment. As he sees no other way, his family to stay afloat, he hires in a criminal organization called on VALA, the unscrupulous from Mr. Erola (Matti Onnismaa) and his son Rotikka (Rami Rusinen) opens. When the new employee makes a terrible mistake, is Rämös family suddenly on the hit list. The beginning of a nightmare, from the Boy Man only using the mysterious Marla (Alina Tomnikov) awakes, the whispers him, that all VALA members would die. From that moment on Rämö relies on a dark-robed antihero Rendel hunt for the criminals, who his wife and daughter on the conscience. Basis for the vengeful protagonist is a Comic-Figure, the director Jesse Haaja has been designed as a schoolboy.