In his documentary Morgan Spurlock turns (Super Size Me) like the less appetizing topics, over the world but the communication Knowledge should. So also in his newest documentary „Rats“. Whoever delves into the horrors squeaky rodents, look away now better, because while Disney's Ratatouille tried, to bring us closer to the rats, Morgan Spurlock makes the opposite. the TRAILER to his latest documentary shows rats so, as most people imagine: disagreeableness Animals, which multiply so quickly in and among the big cities, that man they hardly come to grips with. Here Spurlock does not spare his dramatic images, to underline the message. Rats are a problem. They transmit diseases, get pretty much anywhere in and their numbers are increasing daily. Spurlock no self-test results in time by as „Super Size Me“ or „The Greatest movie Ever Sold“, but results for directing and provides based on the book „Rats“ Robert Sullivan research on. In many countries of the planet, including India, England and of course the US&A, he travels with his team. he shows, as the people fight against the floods of rodents and what exactly is so dangerous to this invasion. Council had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and is on 23.09.2016 launched in the US cinemas. From the 22.10.2016 He will also be seen on the Discovery Channel in the US.