Friends, belongs to her because, who like another Rambo-would like to see part? Or it belongs rather to the camp of those at, which have a belly full of endless sequels, followers and Remakes? And Sylvester Stallone is already too old for this? In latest interview Sly takes a position on and will not mince words about the project, adopted by the date, he would work with zeal it. He does not do it. In other words,: There is no Rambo 5 enter with Sylvester Stallone in the title role.

„It is all told. When they asked me, another ‚Rambo‘ to turn, was my reply: If I can get my power in the predecessor not exceed - and I can not - then where is the sense?“ The 69-year-old will therefore, that is told with John Rambo's last use in Burma everything, what the figure hergab. Sly like but, that she could prove one last time in an explosive political environment,:

you just know, when there is nothing more, what could still tell. I was very happy with it, being able to show the situation in Burma in this way with my action movie. With one leg of the film was always arrested in this event, the longest civil war in history. 65 Years War. The film was brutally follows, because civil war is so brutal out - I was shocked, that he has ever received a release and was shown. Since I wanted to make any compromises. After the movie was filmed, probably my last big, supporting role, I felt no desire, something to do it again.

Also on the proposed series, allegedly Rambo's son, J. R., should be in focus, finds Stallone mince words, to her he is not involved: „I want to be a doomsayers, but it's a tricky thing, wanting to replace a character by his son.“ With 69 seems Stallone to have arrived at an age, in which he looks ahead to the ravages of time and its demands on the body with a realistic perspective: „the GEIST is willing, but the body says: stay at home!“, so Sly.

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