before 33 he fought years to the native soil in the US&A, then in the jungles of Vietnam, in Afghanistan and Burma. The fight was always central element in the four films about the soldiers and mercenaries John Rambo. Now to proceed the battle. The figure, Next „Rocky“ Sylvester Stallone's character in the central filmography, will return as a TV series.

Rambo: New Blood - Movie classic returns as series

like „Hollywood Reporter“ reports, plans of the TV channel Fox a series, which will revolve around John Rambo and his son. It is still unclear, whether Stallone will play itself. As executive producer, he is definitely on board. Ddoch this is not the only project of Stallone ultraconservative transmitter: Also, a series, on his „Expendables“-Franchise based, is there in work. In general, the major networks have discovered successful Hollywood goods as a quarry for new series.

Which is based on the eponymous Coen Brothers Film Series „Fargo“ already showed 2014 the potential of this strategy. Now waiting for the Liam Neeson thriller- „96 hours“ (NBC) on its revision, Also „Lethal Weapon“ (Fox), „Behind Enemy Lines – Alone against all“ (Fox), „Training Day“ (CBS) and „My Best Friend's Wedding“ (ABC) be told serially new. Sylvester Stallone is with this news in the US&A back lot of discussion. Next „Rambo“ is also his boxers „Rocky“ just do not go on forever. With „Creed“ running there since 25. November, a „Rocky“-Spin-off, in which, although the 69-year-old plays only a minor role, for he is but highly praised by critics and even acted as Oscar nominee. Incidentally, holds the fourth Rambo film of the year 2008, because Stallone was 62, Loud „Los Angeles Times“ a record: With 2,6 Toten pro Movie Minute, 236 Total People, he is the bloodiest of the four „Rambo“-Movie.