On Wednesday Peter Lustig is with 78 gone years from us. And I really wanted to blog anything – and yet I grew up with Peter Lustig and simply needs to hold what. He introduced me to the 80s in alternative lifestyles. Until then I did not know, that dungarees in a trailer Live and so can assemble ingenious comic equipment. Without Peter Lustig, we would all be much dumb and unthinkable, what would have become of me without Peter.

R.I.P. Peter Lustig has shut down ?

It is probably also the own age, that gradually die after their own heroes of childhood and adolescence. This week is now Peter Lustig aged 78 Years died. Fuck this year! In the ZDF broadcast „dandelion“ told us the quirky, but always lovable Moderator out of his email trailer, why cars drive, what gases really are and simply, how our world works. He made it a million kids of Technology, interest environment and science. As a child I loved dandelions, Peter Lustigs dandelion was just great! What then later everything over when changing the moderation Lustig was said and written, went past me quite at A-ller Cheapest, since this is only a Miiesmache campaign image was eh and has nothing to do with my childhood memory of him, to take the same times ahead.


His calm, large paternal way of explaining the world from his legendary trailer, to 1980 with the dandelion, later than dandelions, was simultaneously entertaining and educational. When I think now of Peter Lustig, I remember especially his sonorous voice, held the everything and exactly personified, what we consider to Peter Lustig children so loved: He mediated peace, reliability, a boundless curiosity about the world and the ability with simple, but very clever sentences to explain exactly this world. Especially environmental issues moved Peter Lustig very. He hit the zeitgeist of the late 70, 80and early 90's pretty good. It is no accident, that „dandelion“ was in the heyday of the environmental movement to legendary children's TV.


A large Fernsehverzauberer has gone this week we, More than 25 Years he delighted children and adults watching television. Me too. Thank you Peter Lustig for the beautiful moments of genuine television culture and great, child friendly entertainment. I was of the shipments, when they were still designed by and with him, always enthusiastic and never felt, that here pure commercialism or inconsequential brainwashing is operated. I wish all children, which must be large with today's media and hope, that these children may forgive us this nationwide mass dementia at some point! If these children are able, still or independent thoughts in the distant future. to represent opinions or to express at least…


An idol of our childhood, and perhaps the most famous dungarees carrier in the world has passed away. Who Peter Lustig wants to give a worthy farewell, sweeping the Night from Saturday to Sunday for excellent audience ratings on ZDF:

My goodness, this year it has already in itself. Even Otto is sad and says goodbye:

sealedüss, Dear Peter

Posted by Otto Waalkes onWednesday, 24. February 2016

Alone the intro with the breaking through concrete dandelion flower says it all about the links-ecological attitude of the series, that characterizes me today. We say farewell and goodbye, Peter Lustig – one of the greats of television – Mach’s gut, Thank you for everything, and greet the others. And now - turn off! ?