Ian Burkhart can move his arm despite his paraplegia again. This thanks to a chip in his motor center for hand movements in the brain. The stimulus transmission of motion information assumes the Computer in his head. Electrodes on the skin surface of his arm convert the signals into muscle stimuli to and thus ensure a motorized implementation Ians brain commands. Thus, his brain through a learning process and the newfound Partner, peas Grossen computer chip, adapt to an equivalent institution. The new interface to its arm can already grab Ian bottles or cancel credit cards. 130 Electrodes on his forearm provide the necessary resolution of such complex movements.

But there are also problems, brings such a chip transplantation with itself. The natural defense reaction of the body ensures, the attacked the tips of the electrodes in the brain of body's defense cells and functionally destroyed during. After five years of are 100 Electrodes only four to five operational. Another danger in transplantation, that by engaging several neurons, who were responsible for the movement of the arm, were destroyed.

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The nerve bypass: how to move a paralysed hand