After the 2022 gambling „The Purge - The Purge“ and a year later the next sequel „The Purge 2 – Anarchy“ is the series with „The Purge 3: Election Year“ in a third round. However, while in the previous films, the Night, where every person must for twelve hours murder with impunity and commit crimes, was already established, throws „The Purge 3“ a look back: The government has just adopted the law, which allows the citizens of the United States of America, release aggression by force: The first „cleansing“ stands in 2018 just before and to, starting at 21. March, Of 7 Pm to 7 last morning. But since everything, what will be tried for the first time, is still often faulty, runs the night side are not as planned.

The directing „The Purge 3: Election Day“ accepts as with the two previous films James DeMonaco. Outside the 3-part film series about the „cleansing“ Monaco had only in Staten Iceland (2009) mit Ethan Hawke den Regiestuhl inne. For „The Purge 3“ He wrote like to part one and two again the script. Producers to Jason Blum (Insidious) Blum House and Michael Bay (Transformers) and Andrew Form (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) are also again on board. „The Purge“ and „The Purge: anarchy“ were as scary movies even so successful, that in a Los Angeles horror-Adventure Labyrinth was built, the name „The Purge: Fear The Night“ wearing. Meanwhile, the third part was titled „The Purge 3: Vengeance“ shall receive, ultimately, however, was it in our latitudes „The Purge: Election Day“.