In the cinema, the films proved the Books by Stephen King often than box-office poison and high disappointing. An exception was Mikael Håfström thrilling ghost thriller „1408“, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in 2007 gave a welcome box office hit and reminded us, why some haunted houses should be better left alone. What would be more obvious, as the success duo of time for another film adaptation of Horror-to undertake doyen? At the 12. January 2017 slaps her Pulse (im Original Cell) now with us on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. For the right match makes the Trailer in which we enter into the post-apocalyptic novel world of Kings Pen, in which nothing and no one is safe from the terrifying assaults of murderous hordes.

Clay Riddell is visiting Boston and looking forward to the flight home to his family. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, all mobile phone users transform from one to another moment in bloodthirsty, zombieähnliche Killer, fall upon the superimposed. Amidst this apocalyptic states, can Clay, the gruff Underground drivers Tom and boy Alice save in a hotel. Cut off from all digital communications, grasp the three the decision, to make himself walk in search of Clay's Family. Hunted by the murderous hordes her way is through the cold forests of New England to a bloody battle for survival, where on every corner Death lurks.

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PULSE | Trailer | German