What's spooky, than to be announce the weather by an artificial intelligence with tinny female voice? properly! Yourself to let the weather by an artificial intelligence Speak with tinny female voice through a speaking skull. The creator of this wonderful creature, Mike McGurin, has even found a manual for reverse engineering into the net: The Yorick Project. And who wants to recreate the chic part, Please report in the comments, I'll buy you the part from! :)

I like to decorate for Halloween, including various talking skeletons that I’ve set up over the years. For Christmas 2015, my wife gave me a great 3 axis talking skull with moving eyes so I could upgrade one of the skeletons from just a moving jaw skull. Then a friend suggested that there had to be other applications for the rest of the year. This got me thinking, and when I saw the Alexa Billy Bass I knew what I had to do, and the Yorick project was born. I’m pretty happy with the result:

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