In our digitized world win always more life technical skills and knowledge important. The following story provides further evidence for the limitless variety of options, open up these skills.

Programmers automate his job

On the computer of his former programmer an employer discovered veil-like scripts. Upon closer analysis of the source text, Turns out, that the ex-employee had a lot of his work processes easily automated. Here is an excerpt from the clever scripts:
Was the programmer after 21 Logged clock still in the corporate network, A sms with the content „late at work“ sent to his wife. In addition, he had created a list of excuses, of the Enabling this feature, A randomly selected and inserted into the SMS. We leave the name of the script at this point times uncommented.
The mail box is for emails from a customer named „Kumar“ scanned. were Keywords as „Help“, „Sorry“ and „trouble“ identified, the database of the customer has been automatically set to the most recent backup. Subsequently received „Kumar“ a mail: „No Worries, mate. Be careful next time.“
Until 8.45 Clock no login registered on the workstation, was automatically an email with the content „not feeling well, working from home“ sent to the Chief. Of course, here supplemented by a random justification.
Once activated this script blocked the coffee. Then a medium latte was placed, However, the only 24 Seconds later was poured from the engine into the cup. This time took the programmer, to run from his office for coffee.

The whole story for your perusal and especially all the scripts exist on GitHub.