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Preacher is the adaptation of the graphic novel by Vertigo Comics written by author Garth Ennis and illustrator Steve Dillon. At the end of May, the series starts in the US&A on AMC and who a mix of Comic, Dark movie, Western, horror and splatter like, can look forward to the start of series production. The following TRAILER and Sneak Peek is not for the fainthearted.


at the 22. May, show, ob AMC (Fear the Walking Dead) already has the next hit series in the works and may look forward to a glorious future in the case of Preacher. In Sneak Peek to the comic adaptation of Seth Rogan we see Preachers loyal companion Tulip, the need to keep an unwanted aggressor from the neck - if necessary even by force of arms and a neat bite her counterpart. Preacher shows Dominic Cooper (Need For Speed, Abraham Lincoln Vampirjäger, Dracula Untold) as former priest Jesse Custer, it has taken on the task, to find the true God and to bring to the right path. He is accompanied in this anything but simple mission of his girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga, known from World War Z) ) and also the troublemaking vampire Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun, Misfits). Other series rolls assume Lucy Griffiths from True Blood as his right hand and Ian Colletti (17 again) as outwardly distorted, but good-hearted Arseface.

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