Scott Benson has since 2011 worked on this film, which tells the story of a man and the consequences of his actions in a number of story-Bubbles, the always then aufploppen, if the decisions of the main character can lead to different processes of history and continue to run parallel to the Additional Rate and Availability Done. It now sounds complicated to, but it is not. Ideally, one looks at the film holding several times and repeatedly follows another story. Scott has a long Blogpost about the project and why it is not finished described. Very sad…

If you’re wondering what is going on in it, it tells the story of one guy over several days, and all the different scenarios his choices would lead him into. Each consequential choice spawns a new bubble. Infinite universes and all that. A bubble whites out and disappears when that life ends, which in this short was going to be fairly often. This was made for viewing on the internet, so you could rewind and pause and follow the storylines you were interested in.

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Potential (unfinished film)