In keeping with the current retro trend we are following Video shown, that there are still some small cassette label, dedicate themselves to the format. This format has its lovers and is not going to get dead. It is no wonder, that the single manufacturer for audio tapes In U.S.&A is pretty good:

in fact, National Audio Company (NAC) – the last audio cassette maker in America – has had its best year since it opened in 1969!
The tapes are apparently high on nostalgic value, and that’s why they’re still flying off the shelves. And NAC’s stubbornness in not quitting when the other manufacturers did has finally payed off. ‚You can characterise our operating business model as stubbornness and stupidity,‘ NAC president Steve Stepp said. ‚We were too stubborn to quit.‘

Bloomberg Business have visited the factory and shot this video: