The frolicking in the ranks of metalheads abound terrorists, now seems to have got around even with the English police. How different it can be explained, that at the Download Festival in Donnington English-Park police the face of each of 90’000 Has scanned festival goers and checked against a list of wanted criminals from all over Europe.

Police scanned the face of each of 90,000 festival-goers

Officials speak of „strategically placed“ Cameras, the weekend the 90’000 have monitored visits. This was the first time, that facial recognition in England was used outdoors, British media report. The police have to admit myself, that the number of crimes during the festival is declining: were in 2013 more 301 violations recorded, decreased the number in 2014 on 91 - a decrease of approximately 70 Percent. „For the final figures from the current year, it is still too early. But there are indications, that the number has remained low“, says a representative of the police BBC.

The case could set a precedent. The technology is an efficient measure against criminals. It would also be handled carefully with the data, this had already been deleted. the „independent“ reported, that had already inquired several other organizers of the technology. Less understanding have England privacy advocates for the measure. Renate Samson of the initiative „Big Brother Watch“ said, she was in „great concern“. You should also think, that criminals would be caught. „But I think, that innocent at festivals, for which they have paid a lot of money, should have a good time, without having to constantly feel under police surveillance“, quotes the BBC Samson.

Thus, you can post this as one of the first attempts, a large area to monitor parts of the population via facial recognition. Since the argument with the criminals is a false front. The whole show is mainly used, To test the reliability of the technology.
(via Vice)