The first TRAILER to „Point Break“ leaves a breath away. You can see there breakneck motorcycle stunts and thrilling scenes in freefall. In remake „Point Break“ play an important role namely Basejumper. No wonder the filmmakers chose Walenstadt SG made as a film location. Last August they turned important action scenes on the highest peak of the seven Churfirsten, the Hinterrugg. Back then jumped the world's best wingsuit athletes for the recordings in the depth. In the following trailer are these scenes - albeit briefly – first to see. Anyone who wants to enjoy all the action, must wait a bit, the 100 Million dollar strip only applies at 26. February 2016 - Exactly 25 Years after the publication of the original - the movies.

the Boy FBI-Agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) infiltrated a team of extreme athletes, led by Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), which is under suspicion, having committed a series of unprecedented and very sophisticated attacks on companies. On his dangerous undercover mission Utah is not only fighting for his life, but also tries, to transfer the extreme sports team as the architect of the insane crime, threaten the existence of the global financial markets.