Known manner remain after major festivals tons of urine and I have no idea, what happens to this rule,. The Danish brewery Norrebro Bryghus has 50’000 liters of urine, das in Roskilde 2015 anfiel, barley fertilized, later beer was brewed from the. „Beercycling“ The brewery called – which is actually consistently. From beer is beer. The name of the craft beer is the way to match „Pisner“. Bad!

A Danish beer has been brewed using 50,000 litres of human urine as fertiliser for the malting barley. It is the brewery’s attempt to ‚recycle‘ beer urine collected at a music festival.
A limited 60,000 bottles of ‚Pisner‘ will be sold in Demark. The final product does not contain any urine itself. The beer is said to have a light and refreshing taste.