Clapton, Page, Hendrix… Philip Sayce. the Boy Guitarist revived the somewhat shopworn Blues-Rock. Philip Sayce from Canada with its pithy Blue Rock is a class of its own and on Saturday, the 8. April he showed us his impressive talent both on guitar and as singer in Woodstock Guitares in Ensisheim. In an ingenious way it provides earthy blues with rock and a pinch of psychedelic. His gigs enable older audience back to the good, old Woodstock times and his easygoing manner paired confident with the reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz's voice even the younger generation.

Born in Wales and raised in Toronto songwriter, Singer and guitarist Philip Sayce is the, what is commonly called „Wunderkind“ can call. By his father, the avowed Eric Clapton fan was, he learned the Love the Music know. Philip was more interested and more for the other great guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. In young teen age Sayce recorded already in various clubs in Toronto, until the tender age of 17 Years met the Canadians Jeff Healey, who signed him as a guitarist for his upcoming tour. There he earned in the following slightly 4 Years his spurs. Unkle Kracker and Melissa Etheridge were then further stages of his musical career.

If now lives in Los Angeles Philip Sayce with his guitar takes the stage, it is reminiscent of a pop star in a picture book: Young, handsome and musically. But to reduce it just depends, but would be a pretty big mistake. Because Philip Sayce is much more. He sings like Lenny Kravitz and plays guitar like Jimi Hendrix. On Saturday the 8. April invited Philip to Concert and people flocked, not just in droves, but after all the little Woodstock Guitares in Ensisheim and, surprisingly, relatively much young people found a. will tell, over a quarter of the workforce was recruited from girls and boys, obviously under 30 were. In this respect the Sayce Trio played virtually for two generations, because the remaining blues rock lovers were those, somewhere between 45 and 60 Been to situate.

Already from the first seconds you will be pressed by raw and powerful sound literally on the wall. The trio worked very well matched, the sound in the hall was appropriately loud and fortunately quite transparent, so you got to experience a great concert. Sayce, in which ran into streams after the second piece of the welding, the public had relatively quickly under control, animated loose and easy to clap and sing along, impressed with a flurry of solos on his scraped Gallagher-Strat and left no doubt arise, to marvel with him one of the absolutely best singers in the blues-rock genre. And with what an irresistible audacity of „youngster“ starts sounding his guitar here and attracts the audience with his guitar the peak is simply breathtaking. Groovy funk-rock Lenny Kravitz since 15 announces years, but will probably never again deliver.


No one stays calm and who can not be carried away by this music, probably have to be deaf. What a Power, what a passion, What a brilliant song! What Philip Sayce this evening at ambitious, powerful Power Blue Rock served, just any music lover must wring admiration. The raw energy, which is released here carries over immediately to the audience. His qualities as a songwriter, Singer and guitarist, and especially his irrepressible passion to make every song a pleasure. The musicians involved are following the playful genius of their leaders in the rest in nothing. Sayce ensnared his audience by passionate, energetic and fiery game, gives the crowd one way or another sympathetic buddy-like speech, smiles to the girls in the audience with his brown eyes and bewitches the boys and manner with its wild game and his little crazy tricks on fingerboard. Who on Saturday night in Woodstock Guitares, I, should have first experienced a Philip Sayce concert, will probably write most likely one of the flags: If this Sayce again goes on tour, I must not miss the! Sayce blows a fine dust from the ears!

Philip Sayce breathes new Life into Blues-Rock
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