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Phantasm 5 Ravager & Remastered - Poster

„Phantasm 5: Ravager“ and „Phantasm: Remastered“ are about to premiere on the big screen, because both titles are still to be shown this October as part of a limited theatrical releases including reissue. more than 35 Years old horror-Classic shines for the first time in digitally re 4K, which was supervised by one of the biggest fans and commissioned: „star wars: The awakening of power“-Director J.J. Abrams. at the 7. October, also closes the circle, if the long-lost „Phantasm 5: Ravager“ the grand finale of „The evil“-flickers series on screens and for a final reunion with Angus Scrimm aka „The Tall Man“ from Don Coscarellis 1979 the released and horror classic makes. On its head it has once again Reggie Banister apart. For remaining cast the final Phantasm film include names like Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury und Kat Lester.

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Phantasm Ravager The Tall Man is back in exclusive trailer ¤ZombiE¤
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Phantasm: Remastered Official Trailer #1 (2016) Angus Scrimm Horror Movie HD