Nikan „siyanur“ Khosravi and Arash „Chemical“ Ilkhani are passionate members of „Confess“, an Iranian Metal Band. from 10. November 2015 until 5. February 2016 the two were held in solitary confinement, because they are accused, „satanische“ Music to play, to criticize the system in their texts, interviews with „prohibited“ to have conducted illegal radio stations and to maintain a record company. Nun durften sie gegen Zahlung einer Kaution das Gefängnis verlassen, but the two musicians threaten between six months and six years in prison – and they should be condemned for blasphemy, threatens even the death penalty. with Petition to the UN is now aroused international interest and the conviction be prevented. Who the boys from „Confess“ aims to support, can do at this point.

Heavy-Metal is not a Crime