Patrik Stewart is for me always Cpt. be Picard, all the same, what roles he still plays. In Monty Pythons „Life of Brian“ there is this scene, in which the resistance group against the Romans to be incited. „You have let us bleed“, cries the leader and asks virulent: „What have the Romans ever for us done?“ the aqueduct, answers a listener. The sanitation, the beautiful streets, medical supplies… At the end of the scene, it seems, as if the Romans no deserts occupiers, but the door opener to Paradise. In a Video for the Guardian now is actor Patrick Stewart plays the sketch by. The clip satirizes the demand of the British Home Secretary Theresa May, Great Britain should the European Convention on Human Rights leave. Educational television for Gern See.

„What has the European Convention on Human Rights did for us?“, asks Stewart at the beginning of the four-minute clip in the round. And the answers come promptly: The right to fair trial. religious freedom. freedom of speech. Liberation from slavery. Prohibition of discrimination. Peace in Northern Ireland. Okay, says Stewart, but it would need the British but no European rules: „We are the UK, the land of the Magna Charta, we invented human rights. We should write our own Bill of Rights.“ The Pointe, we do not want to reveal at this point, for you should you watch this video.

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Patrick Stewart sketch: what has the ECHR ever done for us?

Similarly, if you do not know the source of inspiration of this Sketches, if you please:

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Monty Python - What have the romans ever done for us