DBD: Waheelas track – Thormesis


Die Pagan/Black Metaler „Thormesis“ have with „Waheelas track“ a Lyric-Video For their upcoming album „debris colors“ released. The fifth album of Bavaria on 10. February appear…

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Thormesis - Waheelas track (official lyricvideo)

Quote of the Day


An idiot is an idiot. Two idiots Two idiots. Ten thousand idiots are a political party.

An idiot is an idiot. Two idiots Two idiots. Ten thousand idiots are a political party.

Franz Kafka, 1883 – 1924, German-speaking writer

The Voice of Black Metal


Louis-Paul Gauvreau interpreted in Canadian „The Voice“ „Stabwound“ Necrophagist – looks you the clip necessarily to the end of, you will be amazed… ;)

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The voice 5 | Louis-Paul Gauvreau | Auditions blind | Stabwound

Motorized off-road rollerblades


Friends, Here you see the future of personal transportation options! First there was the car, Then there was the Segway. Now is a technology at the start, combines the best of rollerblading and motorized driving experience: EV4! Jack Skopinski has manufactured this unit, which speeds between 14 and 20 km / h can. are powered parts of a 5 kg Battery, which, I suspect, located in a backpack, Therefore, the wiring. is controlled with a hand-held pad. The first prototype quite interesting, let's see what it is…

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Electric off roaad rollerblade 3

From A House On Willow Street – Trailer and Poster


2017 logs the Australian-born Sharni Vinson (Bait 3D, Patrick) with the shot in South Africa horror-shocker „From A House On Willow Street“ on the back surface image. The project is based Alastair Orr, deals with „Indigenous“ recently been able to fit into the great subject and here a similar objective pursued as last year's hit movie „Don’t Breathe“. In upcoming horror thriller be from putative villains also fast the hunted. Background is the kidnapping of a rich businessman's daughter. The turns out soon as devilish nuisance with the special ability, come true the nightmares of their counterparties. The grisly creations arise Sharni Vinson, Carlyn Burchell, Gustav Gerdener, Zino Ventura und Steven John Ward.

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From A House On Willow Street

Clever dog turns in the park dead, to stay longer can


„Man, I would rather die, as this heavenly place Leave!“ This Golden Retriever will have thought, wanted as his owner to show him, that the time in the park is over. „I'm sorry, we can not go, I'm dead“, is everything, replies which it doggy, tries than its owner, to leave with him to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The show went on and on, moved to master his secret weapon – a stick… :)

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Lazy Dog Doesn't Want To Leave The Park

DBD: Goddamn Trouble – Overkill


her song „Goddamn Trouble“ have the thrashers Overkill a matching Video twisted. More new material of overkill there since 10. February the album „The Grinding Wheel“…

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Overkill - Goddamn Trouble (Official Video)

Sweet BB-8 Transformer Cosplay


This amazing transformation of a BB-8 Cosplay was of Miyamoto and his wife Nikki to WonderCon 2016 recorded. Very nice also, as Kid-Alien checked the costume disbelief…

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CUTEST Star Wars BB-8 Transforming Cosplay!!



Joshua Cowan has captured with his camera drone beautiful shots from Winter Wonderland. As you get smooth again like to winter and a long walk through snowy landscapes…

In January i took a road trip through Europe visiting mountains, frozen lakes and steam trains in the forest.

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the Suvet: Tighten the duvet to


How nice it would be, when one morning his blanket simply put as a suit and with her the house Leave could. The suvet should cover exactly, is sewn in the UK and is currently not yet have. But how beautiful Just thinking, never having to leave the bed alone? :)

Now, for the first time, a comfortable and on-trend solution to help working Brits get out of bed and catch up on lost sleep wherever and whenever the mood takes them, has been created by Jurys Inn Hotel Group in collaboration with costume designer to the stars, Wendy Benstead. “As a nation of workaholics, things like fatigue, lack of sleep and even the comfort of our beds can make getting up an arduous task, so we’ve created THE SUVET. < …> If there is enough interest in this prototype we will definitely consider putting a limited edition run into production – after all, who doesn’t like the thought of a duvet day, every day.”

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The Suvet by Jurys Inn

(via Jurys Inns)

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