Outcast“ is a comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta and is yet to appear next year as a TV series. With the hit series „The Walking Dead“ Kirkman celebrated great successes, now undergoes another Comic from his pen a series adaptation. But this time, people have not been a Zombie-To suffer Plage, but supernatural phenomena like demons make the life of the protagonist to hell. However, a rather bleak and deserted environment also reveals the first Trailer to „Outcast“.

The series is about the young man Kyle Barns (Patrick Fugit), obsessed all his life by a demon. With the help of Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister), the need to struggle with his personal demons, Kyle embarks on a journey, To be able to find answers to his questions and lead a normal life without supernatural companion. But he makes a discovery, which goes far beyond the fate of his own future.

Besides Patrick Fugit („Gone Girl“) and Philip Glenister („Bel Ami“) Gabriel is Bateman („Stalker“) play an eight-year-old boy from the neighborhood. The first episode of director Adam Wingard staged („You’re Next“), a concrete launch date of the series has the US channel Cinemax not yet announced, whose charisma for 2016 was announced.

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Outcast - Comic-Con Trailer