after the success of „The Walking Dead“ was another Comic filmed by Robert Kirkman as a TV series. from 6. June runs the 1. Squadron always Monday at 21.00 PM on FOX. Even before the broadcast of the first episode, the series has been a 2. extended season. instead of Zombies plaguing the people „Outcast“ Demons and possessed.


With the name of Robert Kirkman connect series fans „The Walking Dead“ and „Fear the Walking Dead“. the 37 Perennial mastered it, to shock the audience with bloodthirsty zombies and to illuminate the bare survival of mankind. But Kirkman can do even more. This he proves in a few months in his new series „Outcast“, the most 6. June 2016 With the 1. Season starts on the German channel FOX. Instead voracious biters, plague demons and supernatural phenomena mankind and so in a way, which is to force the audience literally to its knees.


It tells the story of Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit, „Gone Girl“), the Followers downright since childhood of supernatural creatures and demons. But why it has taken him just? What's behind the terrifying phenomena? The answers hopes Kyle to find as an adult, and sets out to search for the cause - with disastrous consequences for all mankind. Just like „The Walking Dead“, based „Outcast“ on a comic by Kirkman, the to be learned on television the creeps. German Fans can the new US series a few hours after the broadcast in the United States placed on FOX, either in the original English-tone or in the German dubbed version.