Ouija: Origin of Evil - Poster

For direct successor „Ouija“ Blum House Productions has notable support brought on board and Oculus-maker Mike Flanagan placed on the director's chair. From result of these efforts we must now in TRAILER convince, before the 10. October, evoked ominous powers again in the cinema. „Ouija: Origin of Evil“ reveals, when and how the horror took its course. In the film, have a Boy Mother and her two daughters enjoy it, people to scare yourself with a Ouija Board Spirits. They lead by the nose, because unseen let the two girls during séances wiggle tables or incurred terrible noise. But the nightmare ends, seems obsessed as the youngest daughter of cruel powers. Faced with their worst fears begins a nightmare, which it can command only stop, if they make it, the forces, you called, return again. But evil stops for nothing…

Ouija: Origin of Evil - German Trailer / german HD