In addition to HAL 9000 from „2001: A Space Odyssey“ gehört die künstliche Intelligenz Skynet aus dem Film Terminator zu den bekanntesten Computerprogrammen der Filmgeschichte. Fans of making the receiving computer, there are apparently also at NSA. How was now known, has the US secret service of one of its monitoring programs named after the model of Terminator. The Skynet NSA is a project for monitoring potential „Endangerers“, So terrorists and their supporters. Skynet controlled by certain parameters to telephone calls and so puts people in the manhunt.

NSA monitored terrorists phones with Skynet

As the magazine „The Intercept“ reported, provided the information from the huge data fundus, the Edward Snowden has released from his time with the secret services. Evidence, that there is indeed this monitoring system, were also confirmed by another journalist from personal experience. Thus, the Al Jazeera journalist Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan should be advised by the Dragnet on the watch lists of NSA.

Skynet is to use the metadata of phone calls. It is seen, for example, for suspicious movement patterns and behavior. These therefore include an excessive exchange of SIM cards and mobile phones, Numbers only incoming calls or certain routes in the Middle East and Pakistan. In addition, looked, which calls introduces newcomer in a country, who is called, how long the talks and so on. In the film template Skynet was initially just a simple monitoring program, to protect and control the safety systems. Through a self-induced safety case Skynet took over the Computer the US military and carried out a nuclear first strike, as the „Judgement Day“ a new world war unleashed.

One wonders yet, what was going on in the developers, that name at the NSA suggested ... One hypothesis is, that it to Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-101 aka famous saying „I’ll be back“ refers, since you monitored by phone, Anyone who reports back with whom. Loud Wired NSA also has a program, the much more likely corresponds to the Skynet from Terminator, with an equally absurd name. „MonsterMind“ to organize one day in the event of an attack or act of terrorism to check yourself, without the influence of human error source.