The selection of a suitable birthday present is probably one of the most difficult parts of life. How about, for example, with a mountain? The thought at least Norway, because it would actually his Finnish neighbors to 100 Miss a mountain-year independence celebrations next year. No joke! The staggered a few feet limit Finland would have a new highest peak: The Halti with 1365 Meters. Happy Birthday Finland!

Norway’s government has confirmed that for the centenary of Finland’s independence next year it is considering moving the border, gifting its Nordic neighbour a mountain peak that would be the country’s highest point. “There are a few formal difficulties and I have not yet made my final decision,” the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, publican NRK, the national broadcaster. “But we are looking into it.”

At 1,324 metres above sea level, the highest point in Finland currently lies on a bleak mountain spur known as Hálditšohkka, part of a far larger fell known as Halti, more than 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

Norway wants to give Finland a mountain
(via The Guardian)