The Ninebot One is from the same company „Ninebot Inc.“ produced. Thanks to the 500W motor and a 240Wh battery is running at a brisk rate of 20 km / h through the area and is thus approximately 22 Kilometers. Thus one is well equipped for everyday life and does not need always looking for an outlet.


With the weight of nearly 14 Kilogram one carries a lot around with them, but also has a new driving experience with faster speed and with the Ninedroid App, you can u.a. information about the current speed. You can also adjust the driving behavior (softer or harder), make firmware updates or change the LED settings. Everything easily via Bluetooth. The Ninebot One brings quite a bit of driving fun with it and goes the charging stand yet again towards the end to, can the unicycle at any time to charge from a standard electrical outlet and with an adapter. Who wants to buy the electric unicycle, is at happy.