After „Jeans“ (2001) and „The heart is a dark forest“ (2007) Wild is the third feature film, the German actress Nicolette Krebitz staged on its own. The drama is a a young woman , catching a Wolf, to blast the own shackles of civilization tame.

Ania (Lilith Stangenberg) is amazed, as its right in the city park one day a wolf runs at the feet. Having once had eye contact with the wild animal, takes her suddenly void and useless before their previous existence. Because they can not forget the Wolf, brings Ania himself the track reading and hunting for. It succeeds actually, the fascinating creature einzufangen.In her apartment in one of the many floors of a skyscraper it imprisons the Wolf. With him in her life gains more and more across social boundaries and constraints. But this does not have disadvantageous on their lives from. On the contrary: In particular, her superior, Boris (Georg Friedrich), is of the convertible, walking with Ania right, done…

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Wild Official Trailer (2016, Germany) Nicolette Krebitz (English Subtitles)