This week had in the current „Game of Thro­nes“-jump sequence again a character to the sword, one has obtained especially dear in previous seasons. Already in the previous seasons already you could ask: if permanently dies anyone, who has contributed significantly to the action, who is since long selbige still shoulders? If yes, finally boring, if in the end only two main characters are there, because the ranks are thinning partially faster than my hair.

Therefore, it can not hurt, always again to scatter a few new spices in the soup and introduce a few new characters. Even if one feels well connected to those most, who were there from the beginning. At „Game of Thro­nes“ is partially organized it quite a fanfare, the latest character, however, we have not been able to make in the big media. Thus, we present the determined next crowd in „Game of Thro­nes“. Who was it again this Jon Snow? Boring it would be in no way.

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New Game of Thrones Promo Reveals Controversial Character