Roborace is the race of the learning computer systems and from September to start the first season. Roborace works electrically, without human drivers and sets completely on Artificial Intelligence. Soon to around the world electrically operated, highly futuristic Robocars fight for victory. Only the fastest and smartest „Systems“ are thereby have a chance at the podium. As a major innovation driver of the racing has been always worked.


In the case of Roborace should then also soon each be clear, whereas this technology controls. Daniel Simon is the concept designer of Boliden battle artificial intelligence. Man knows his futuristic designs already made films, so for example the „Lightcycles“ In „Tron: Legacy“, Oblivion's drones and spaceships, as well as Captain America's Hydra vehicles. The Global Challenge of intelligent autonomous Roborace Cars sponsored by companies such as Yahoo Finance, TopGear and Mashable and by which one can see, that the matter is quite serious and not just a figment of Simon. A new era of auto racing intends to launch and it will be interesting, when it will actually come to the start of Roborace. After all, it is surely only a matter of time, covering all imaginable areas gradually to artificial intelligence and machine learning.