Here an interactive 360 ​​degree Video from the surface of the red planet. In this video were uncomfortable correcting stitching errors. Thus, the pictures started by Curiosity fit far better together, whereby the 360 ​​° effect seems to work only really. The images are from the mast camera and were on 18. December 2015 recorded. Located just one discovers the Namib dune with the Mons Aeolis (Mount Sharp) directly opposite. The characteristic drawn underground interpret the scientist as a sign of the existence of ancient river delta. Overall, the discovery of evidence for the former existence of water on Mars counts as one of the most significant discoveries of the Mars missions.

Whoever opens the video with a browser, can use the WASD control his perspective control and look around on Mars. With the Tastn + and – can be easily adjust the zoom level. Who looks at the video on the mobile device, can change the viewing angle with swiveling movements.