Since early September, Shanghai tourists can experience a simulation of a special kind. The tourist attraction „Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death“ is essentially a live role-playing, in which players compete in a series of hazardous tests against each other. Whoever loses, dies. However, those who also wins. „It's like in real life. Everyone has to die sometime, It does not matter, what he has survived earlier“, explains one of the founders of „4D Experience of Death“.

Two Chinese entrepreneurs, Ding Rui und Huang Wie-ping, offer her death simulator, tentatively to die for a short time. The excursion includes in addition to the death cremation plus a rebirth. The feigned death will follow another simulated cremation in a crematorium. Given the deceased is transported on a conveyor belt, while artificial smoke and a sophisticated lighting technology provide a compelling combustion atmosphere. In order to allow a real experience as possible, visited the entrepreneur behind the RPG before a crematorium and allowed themselves go through the oven at off flames. „It was really hot. I could not breathe and thought, my life was over“, said one of the entrepreneurs CNN. This experience have the businessmen implemented in the simulator, the reason „frighteningly close to reality“ should be.

With the experiment, the two entrepreneurs want to sensitize people to the dying and death. On the idea of ​​the two came through experiences, they as an organization managing, offering palliative care for cancer patients, have collected. „The worst thing about the job is not, patients dying to see, but to observe, that their families do not want to deal with the death“, declare Ding Rui. The trip to the death Simulator ends for the player by the way still good. Because the dead visitors experience a rebirth in a soft, round uterus. For the near-death experience, the company requires the equivalent of about 30 Euro. Similar offers have excellent track record in South Korea and Taiwan.

Experience life and after life in simulator