Youtuber Cap­tain McKay Ran­dom has, while Batman just beating up Superman in theaters, ever considered, with whom the Black Knight next gets into your hair. He had an idea, which somehow fits much better, as the Man of Steel: The Terminator. Arnie was as from the second part actually always thanks reprogramming more or less successfully catered to the good side and has for, that John Connor retirement age was at least reasonably close - on the other hand, one must also take into account the very first part, was in the Arnie just not the great superhero.

No idea, in what time or in what universe Captain McKay Random settles his little stop-motion movie, under the background of limited resources, he has outside of the multi-million dollar film industry, is but very well advised. Batman infiltrated therein Skynet's headquarters to a virus infiltrate, that The deathgenerating end, to make artificial intelligence a full end. logically, that the T-800 as will have a say…

BATMAN vs TERMINATOR (Stop Motion Animation)