The Girl With All The Gifts

2016length unknown

in the near future, seeks a plague mankind home. By parasites, almost all people are transformed into bloodthirsty Zombies and no one is safe. However, a small group of children appears to be immune to the pathogen and thus embodies the hope for the entire population. In a military base, the children investigated, but strange things happen ...

Title The Girl With All The Gifts
Original Titel The Girl With All The Gifts
Director Colm McCarthy
Term length unknown
Start date 23 September 2016
Rating very well

„The Girl With All The Gifts“ based on the eponymous 2014 published novel by Mike Carey (also known as M.R. Carey), the adapted his novel himself a writer. The first 30 Minutes belong to exciting and innovative what I have long been Zombie-Genre saw. As intimidating and scary as a stroller may be yet. The film convinces with a good story , a good staging and with very good actors and there are crisp action with a good proportion Gore. The mix of drama and Zombie Action has never worked so well as here.

„Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis“ ie the type of fungus, which served as inspiration for this film and we had also been in the tomb. This fungus is commonly found in South America or even in tropical as subtropical forests again and the victims of this parasite are ants. The infestations ant of the parasite is gradually completely controls and directs the ant to a place, corresponding to the living conditions of the fungus, where the ant then festbeisst and dies. Meanwhile infected ant evtl. other insects or even the whole colony. There are already several million years old „graveyards“ found infected ants. This „Mountains of infected ants“ form eventually a large „growth“ the fungus, which in turn forms new fruiting bodies and spores and thus tried so many hosts, as possible to find. It is this concept of the novel by M. R. Carey or. the film directed by Colm McCarthy used and transmitted to humanity. The book by writer Mike Carey, of as an author of comics (e.g.. has worked with some X-Men issues), Books and movies, bears the German title „The sage“.

the Boy Sennia Nanua is a revelation. Seit Lina Leandersson into „Let the Right One Night“ I have not seen such a convincing performance by a child in a horror movie. Their struggle against their instincts, if the effect of the gel decreases slowly, is almost exactly regarded as painful, like the scene, where she learns the truth about her origins. Although she steals them the show, afford the adult performer contribution. Glenn Close provides the necessary gravitas to the role and has might expect more nuances than one of an obsessive scientist in a zombie movie. Gemma Arterton continues the trend, that it delivers its best performances in fantasy films. After „Without a Trace - The kidnapping of Alice Creed“ and „Byzantium“ there is another good performance from the often underestimated young Englishwoman. It is the luminous heart among survivors. Even without a huge Hollywood budget creates director Colm McCarthy an impressive picture of a world to its demise and the recapture by nature. Despite known elements, the numerous moments of tension are very effective in scene. While the group is accompanied by the recovered by nature and accompanied very atmospheric London, one experiences sometimes very intense scenes, not to impress by Gore or the like Knowledge, but rather it manages the whole setting to convince such, so that what is seen just as exciting and profound effect on the viewer, since one mitfiebert already with the well-developed characters.

„The Girl With All The Gifts“ is intelligent and emotional genre cinema, although not dispense with the usual set pieces, but it uses well-measured. See you around as spectators always the question faced whether Schrödinger's cat now does not live or (Or both) and this gives the film also consistently to a certain basic tension. I particularly like the idea has, that the parasite also changed, mutated and there is ultimately obviously other forms, as just here in incarnation of the infected children, still to a certain extent have control over their actions and sometimes act like normal people. Zombies may be trite, but as long as the subject always more movies like this brings, I look for the subgenre light at end of tunnel. Once again, keep us Monster a mirror to. And a student-teacher ratio may continue to be deeply human, if that is not completely refer to a half of them as a human being. Who zombie movies like, should give up the strip definitely, even if he tells very quiet and more the characters and the story are the room, as the Action. Also funny dialogues are, the Fortunately, the film does not only seriously and is also space for a well-measured dose of humor.