2017length unknown

Year 2024, one year after the events of 'X-Men: Future is the past ', is a significant decrease of the mutant population recorded. Over the years, also faded Logans healing factor, Charles Xavier is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and the X-Men no longer exists. As an organization called Essex Corporation, which is led by Nathaniel Essex, visits the rest of the remaining mutants, order to recruit them as soldiers, Logan gets into a conflict. With the help of a young girl named Laura Kinney, one developed from Logans DNS female clone of Wolverine, Logan tries to defeat the organization. (Text: de.wikipedia.org)

Title Logan
Original Titel Logan
Director James Mangold
Term length unknown
Start date 1 March 2017
Rating Grandiose

However human, raw and vulnerable you've never seen the Marvel heroes. After the great success of Deadpool in the last year, the filmmakers show courage, and let (Finally!) Wolverine off the leash. The film has been in the US&A ein R-Rating, which has several reasons: Firstly, Hugh Jackman swears like an old sailor by his probably last adventure, secondly splash blood and body parts, that sometimes feels like a 80s splatter film.

Equally uncompromising we have to watch, as a visibly aged Wolverine with reading glasses taking care of a 90-year-old Charles Xavier, both no longer in full possession of their extraordinary powers and also slow at the end of their mental strength. That breaks a – mainly because of the enormous contribution made Hugh Jackman – more than once the heart, after all, we already know the two now since 17 Years. How often have we already mitgefiebert, and now both are – just now – before one of the most greatest challenges of their lives. In a time, in which the mutants are virtually extinct, emerges once a girl on, that has similar mutations such as Wolverine and life – nothing else is actually considered the bridge to death – the two really upside down again. And Laura (Dafne Keen) although may still be a child, but that does not mean, that they can not defend. The ruthless display makes even when you do not stop and here a taboo is broken: children, the fight for their lives, tracked, pierced with spears; Children hardly ever be in a movie called things and shown the handling them as bloodthirsty and merciless.


The journey of the three mutants often acts as a Road movie and you never know, when the action strikes again. Although it has been possible over long distances, to make the atmosphere exciting, there are but one or another moment, get where subplots felt too much time and attention. Thereby, the film sometimes seems a bit protracted. And the humor is sown very thin indeed. The aging Wolverine has hardly fancy crisp Sayings, But exactly these did the film now and well, to the gloomy mood just something to loosen at least. Wolverine is undoubtedly one of the most tragic heroes of the X-Men universe and director James Mangold knows him brilliant and merciless to stage. And Dafne Keen is incredibly good. The only twelve, convinced of the very first minute and pulls a captivated. Probably the ultimate Wolverine movie: ruthless, tabulos, exciting and heartbreaking. A worthy farewell to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!