In Fear

20131 H 25 My

Lucy and Tom are together only for two weeks, is provided as their relationship to the test. As a surprise, Tom has to Night booked a room for a music festival in a hotel in the country. But along the way she suddenly reach a fork, which does not quite fit the instructions, given to them online. Tom and Lucy get it in the darkness slowly, but surely with the Fear doing. Evil starts searching for victims and it is closer to them, as they think.

Title In Fear
Original Titel In Fear
Director Jeremy Lovering
Term 1 H 25 My
Start date 3 April 2013
Rating Grandiose

minor, bitter bad low-budget shocker, of after a somewhat tame start to the dark Psycho-horror shall. A positive and quite recommendable surprise in the genre monotony. Little psychological thriller, playing to large parts in a car. Surely you realize the film in some places the missing funds to. But Lovering manages to tell a story yet, that gets under the skin. At „In Fear“ is the name actually program.

Even if the latest electronics often much easier life, ist es manchmal besser sich nicht allzu sehr auf den hochmodernen Kram zu verlassen. In the horror film as it happens namely constantly, that just in moments of danger and telephone Internet fail and the victim stupid peeps from the laundry. The two protagonists in this film have with all the high-tech bells and whistles nor happiness. movie fans, the already have their problems with the pump, should „In Fear“ avoid possible, because in this dark horror trip, the heroes are almost meticulously hit by unexpected surprises from the darkness of night. As its title, the TV proven Jeremy Lovering of fear has prescribed. The inspiration for the film came to the director when filming a documentary in Sligo (Northern Ireland), where he was shown around by the locals on the nose. They had changed the signs of the place, so Lovering always was piloted back to a nearby pub and was on the verge of losing his mind. Quickly came to him the idea of ​​the primal problem to mind - the fear of the dark and the resulting disorientation. The experience and Iain De Caestecker Alice Englert on quite authentic way, because the actors so a lot was demanded during the shooting.

A script did not exist for the two. They only received instructions on the day of the shoot. This gave maximum adrenaline and authentic cries of fear, because the actors never knew, what will bloom them on the current day of shooting. If you look more closely in the film, is that more than once clearly. Many of the well-placed shocks come quite unexpectedly and tug at the nerve structure - and that not only the audience. As is customary in Horror, an obligatory twist must ago. From eerie mystery is oppressive terror cinema, The takes place mainly in the increasingly claustrophobic narrowness of Tom's car. The loving couple splits an injured stranger on a barely passable road, of course, has little later turned out to be sick psychopath and apart only on the Sneaky possible murdering the unsuspecting passers-by. Lovering himself admits earlier films such as „funny games“, „The Hitcher“ and „Buried“ having studied, to his debut as intensively as possible, fearsome and unpleasant to put claustrophobic scene. The theft of ideas worked well, because the playful use of the conventions of the modern horror film, the filmmakers dominated pretty confident. The feature debut shines with persistently threatening atmosphere and quite common shocks, which can feel the Genrefan again, why the horror film is still enjoying a great popularity. Although „In Fear“ not particularly brutal, but will not ring until even the aggressive-pumping bass while the protagonists in PANIC flit through the forest, is by far more disturbing than gallons of fake blood and Kunstgedärme.

It is worth mentioning also, Englert that the soundtrack title „Conversation with Death“ (or „Oh Death“) sings. By whom and when the song was written exactly, is controversial. Nevertheless, it is a haunting song, the dark by Englert's voice is even more disturbing and runs a shiver down the spine. The New Zealand-British actress, which mainly by the movies „Beautiful Creatures“ (2013) as well as „Ginger & ROSA“ (2012) known, turns out to slow a hot tip. I hope, that you can see more of her in the future and will hear. Fortunately, contrary to the film against the roll cliché and lets played by Lucy Englert deal significantly tougher with the situation, when it succeeds in by Ian De Caestecker well embodied very sensitive Tom. The unheroic protagonist does the effect of the initially inconspicuous events also noticeably good. „Downtown Abbey“-Star Allen Leech is a hitch in the best tradition Rutger Hauer. His Max is dodgy and idiosyncratic, which again raises the already extremely high voltage curve and to the strong final no longer ebbs. Thus, the film comes with three notable actors from, which is also quite sufficient for this horror trip.

„In Fear“ is a solid horror-psychological thriller, the unfolding quietly and insidiously. Unlike the usual shock blockbusters, this is a welcome change. During the film, however, often mere confusion, because you can not be sure exactly, whether the events are actually caused by a single person or whether a dark higher power is at work. Since this question remains open, may be the end for one or the other rather unsatisfactory. Highly disturbing shocker, keeps the audience again before our eyes, that genre works must be drowned in blood only not always necessarily. Loverings „In Fear“ leads the film friend back to the roots of the horror film. constantly rotate in the home theater since that is ultra-hard violence cucumber, is that actually target of horror films fall into oblivion. Director Jeremy Lovering brings the dusty virtues of horror films back to the big screen and tried again with the old-fashioned way: scare the fear. He makes the human primal fears about his strip and is quite good at it. While there is still the obligatory twist near the end, until then Lovering turns quite adept at the shock- and tension bolt - just as once the doyen of modern genre cinema. Almost no means succeeds Jeremy Lovering in reasonably entertaining 85 minutes to tell a mostly positive and surprisingly exciting story, which is able to captivate the audience after warm-up. Well done!