Get Out

, each, is invited, really welcome?

20171 H 44 My

The African-American photographer Chris and his white girlfriend Rose is now in its sixth month a pair. As Rose would like to present him their parents, Chris agrees willy-nilly to, even if it bothers concern, Roses as parents will react to the black friend of her daughter. But first, Chris' concerns prove apparently as completely unnecessary: Dean and Missy prepare both a warm welcome and seem not to be bothered by the skin color of the partner of her daughter. But then discovered Chris, that the black servants of the family are not only the only blacks in the whole area, but also act strangely absent and submissive. Something does not seem to reach out here with the right things ...

Title Get Out
Original Titel Get Out
Director Jordan Peele
Term 1 H 44 My
Start date 24 February 2017
Rating Good

„Get Out“ Jordan Peele is an oblique horror film with satirical and socially critical overtones. The quirky humor loosens the eerie atmosphere always back to, yet it is never silly. It remains consistently exciting and the story always remains credible at all absurdity. This is due to the multi-faceted characters and the great actors, that are largely unknown and marvelous work together as an ensemble.

Was Jordan Peele (Keanu) delivers here as a writer and director, is actually no less than one of the more intelligent horror films. Peele does the same with its genre laws upside Vice end on-the-title sequence clear, where the rabbit long runs. „Get Out“ to the brim replete with ambivalent moments, most notably the great Catherine Keene skillfully off track casts a repeatedly, leave because classify their supposedly caring glances and gestures just never really. Finally, in her soft hands even a simple teaspoon of the ultimate Psycho-Weapon. the direction in which the film go on about, is clear relatively quickly - and the makers even play themselves very clever with this circumstance, when Chris‘ Pal Rod take warning just before the possible scenario on the phone, which has also figured the audience already as a possible twist. Nevertheless stuck enough clever twists and tricks in „Get Out“, to the audience to surprise again and again until the last moment.

„Get Out“ is one of the first films, the explicitly set in a post-Obama era and Peele has repeatedly emphasized, that he wanted to expose the lie of the post-racial America: Just because the country had a black president, does not mean, how many Americans like, but just mistakenly believe, that racism had been overcome in America. Nothing illustrates this illusion better than the election of Donald J. Trump, the mass criminalization of African-Americans and the burgeoning nationalism in the US. Trump voters would but Peele been too easy target. He plays with the controversial idea, that white middle-class liberals are not tolerant beacon of humanity, to be who they believe. All nice people, disqualify the Republicans as racists, but come even with no black people in contact, unless he mows their lawn. People, the pat on the shoulder, because they are open-minded and consider it as the father of Rose a privilege, get to know another culture - as long as they in Chess can be kept. This attitude is quite creepy.

is intended „Get Out“ not the first horror film, obviously addressed racism, but it rarely happens but. At the peak of the American civil rights movement, Year 1968, turned George A. Rosemary „the Night of the Living Dead“ a black man, of the attacks a Horde weisser Zombies survived, to be killed only to end up by vigilantes. Also Peele's film is a powerful provocation, the stereotype on its head and tells of racism once again in a very different way. Peele, who is married to a white woman, has „Get Out“ his uncanny, wild imagination proved. Creepy is the reality, from which it feeds.