the mummy

20171 H 51 My

before 2.000 Years Ahmanet was locked away deep underground - for good reason! For as expert Jenny Halsey deciphered from hieroglyphs, Ahmanet was as a contender for power-hungry to the throne and evil. By mummification and a meter-thick layer of sand the world should be protected against the power of ousted, but now the mummy has awakened. Ahmanet forces its way out of its gloomy grave into our present, in which it is most adventurer Nick Morton, keep mischief by all of humanity. The advice of Dr. Henry Jekyll in the ear Nick takes up the fight. Over the centuries, immense anger and malice has been building up in the Mummy - now she has thirst for revenge ...

Title the mummy
Original Titel The Mummy
Director Alex Kurtzman
Term 1 H 51 My
Start date 6 June 2017
Rating trash

A Tom Cruise does not make a good movie. The new edition of the classic works colorless, The story itself is based at the beginning strongly to the classics, yielding cherishes still a lot of hope. Unfortunately, the dialogues are so flat as a pancake already at this time. The actors are all bad, whether it while the charming blonde, the supposedly funny companion, the scientist or Tom himself is, only the mummy is well mimed. But as the story continues to develop in the film can not also prevent. So the story is the same for a poor copy all Mummy films by the mid of the film.

Similar to Marvel Universal wants with his “Dark Universe” create their own movie universe. This based on their large, old horror classics (Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, etc.). It starts with now “The Mummy” mit Tom Cruise, but unfortunately the film missed its target and works on several levels simultaneously half-baked and not all of a piece. During the last edition – “The Mummy” with Brendan Fraser – ejoyable popcorn the cinema afforded, which the story with plenty of wink and successful Humor deposits an internally consistent, own style missed, the current remake will be quickly forgotten. He lacks the simple own handwriting, as well as a clear decision, what will it be for a movie actually. For example, crude humor deposits in the gloomy setting act completely out of place. The visible expensive production design shines, while at the same depth of character, and thus their credibility pose a real shortcoming. So the main character Nick Morton is just annoying over distances easily and hardly win sympathy points, since it occurs as selfish ignoramus primarily. The later character expression therefore appears hardly credible. What should it be now Morton? A cheeky adventurers class à la Indiana Jones or just an unscrupulous thief? His companion, Archaeologist Halsey, remains faded, clichéd and interchangeable - the dialogue between the two main characters produce neither Humor, even emotions - again showed the protagonists of humorous Mummy variant of 1999 considerably more chemistry and authenticity together. Only Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll (And, The Dr. Jekyll…) proves to be more complex figure, but unfortunately does not have the necessary screen time to continue to be expanded.

Individual settings are quite consistent and well staged in itself: the plane crash, the graves, London… but they do not coalesce into a river. One is to talk, times there, there are many big jumps, Transitions missing. Certain logical shortcomings caused by these bumpy narrative. “the mummy” is complex produced, well staffed and quite entertaining. The latter mainly due to the many action sequences. Quiet moments but fizzle in emotional indifference, scary scenes bored with being chewed Jumps Cares. Introduction means it, that The death is only the threshold to a new life. And in brief moments Sofia Boutellas shows Princess / mummy a power- and Greed, this is an indication, put that promise and what arrogance in this set. Otherwise, the dramatic potential – not to mention the philosophical – this premise, however, hardly used, rather it seems to be the pretext for a rather nonchalant narrative dealing with life and death to be. A fatal plane crash is not final, you can shoot someone three times and send bloodthirsty undead into the field at every opportunity, as if we were here at "The Walking Dead" - no matter, whether it's Crusaders, These ancient Egyptian guards or police present. This Zombie-Attacks like just like the bird attacks, and all the rats and spiders, the over Cruise and Co. descend, often a little therefore come arbitrarily, but they belong next to a "broken rain" at the Museum of the visual highlights of this film, the one looks at its 125 million dollar budget quite.

With the old-fashioned horror of Karl Freunds 1932er classic with Boris Karloff has this new “Mummy” absolutely nothing to do, but also from the winking humor of the remake starring Brendan Fraser 1999 Alex Kurtz's film far removed. While there are always repeated attempts, slightly loosen the serious events, but these fizzle in nothing. In “the mummy” is ultimately once again to the eternal struggle between good and evil, a fight, Also the Dr. Jekyll's secret organization has dedicated Prodigium (and that could be one of the constants in the Dark Universe). Let's hope, that “Dark Universe” with the new edition of “Bride of Frankenstein” give (with Javier Bardem as the Monster) and “Jekyll And Hyde”-Film (after all, the title character played by Russell Crowe is already in “the mummy” introduced"), this is theater of the invisible comeback, of Wolfsmenschen, the Phantom of the Opera, of Secrets of the Amazon, the bell-ringer of Notre Dame and Van Helsing is better, than the present film here. The Alex Kurtzman (as an author already at "Star Trek"-reboot involved) solid craftsmanship, but without any hint of inspiration staged Monster-horror-Action adventure provides little evidence, as it could go. With the half-baked killing curse Hoax is universal rather stumbles into the Dark Universe, as it would put right a curious-making exclamation point. damage!