Captain Fantastic - Once wilderness and back

Once wilderness and back

20161 H 59 My

The highly educated Ben lives with conviction with his six children in the solitude of the mountains in the northwest of America. He taught himself and brings them not only above-average Knowledge At, but also how to hunt and survive in the wild. When his wife dies, he is forced together with the little ones to leave his self-created dropouts idyll and confront the real world. In their old, rickety bus, the family makes their way across the USA for burial, to be held with the grandparents. Your journey is full funny as touching moments, the Ben's ideals of freedom and his ideas of education sustainably call into question ...

Title Captain Fantastic - Once wilderness and back
Original Titel Captain Fantastic
Director Matt Ross
Term 1 H 59 My
Start date 2 July 2016
Rating Grandiose

Director Matt Ross, I'll give him, has seen the films attention, he with „Captain Fantastic“ want to imitate. a family, the only behaves strangely and a minibus, in which they can be squeezed soon – the cornerstones of American independent drama, the at the Sundance Festival, the most important platform for independent productions, great success celebrated. was ten years ago „Little Miss Sunshine“ so with critics and audiences through the ceiling.

Matt Ross, previously known as an actor (Silicon Valley, American horror Story), provides in „Captain Fantastic“ the well-known motifs of the dysfunctional family a political turning. So he leaves his family dropouts example whistle on Christmas. instead Jesus‘ birthday is Noam-Chomsky-Day celebrated. the children wearing gas masks and animal costumes in everyday life, can be sexually educate the Father already at a very tender age and go with bow and arrow on the roadside on the hunt. Even 14-year-old son reads Dostoevsky „The Brothers Karamazov“. Father Ben is about a proto Enlightenment residential care. When the daughter like a book, not enough him, that the narrative touches. It should be explained, intended to create. Ben asks analytical, critical thinking and wants to educate his children to maturity.

In this configuration, there is the family – and there is the rest of the world. And thus there is also the narrative plan, which allows users to plan tragicomic. The occasion, from which the family leaves their enclave, is initially a sad: The mentally ill mother killed herself. Now the wealthy and exceedingly stuffy grandparents set up a funeral in New Mexico from, who had always rejected the Deceased. Again, this specter, the Christian civil ceremony itself. In her will, she had arranged, to be burned and flushed down the nearest toilet. To this last will meet Ben make the children together with their bizarre costumes on the long road. „Here, says your Captain“, so does the Father through the intercom of the bus known, before he starts the engine.

Not for nothing that the title of this film explains exactly at that moment, where the journey starts. The engine of the van is the engine of the story. This in turn does not care in the least for the tragic event of the trip, but only for, to let the ramshackle van chugging through the states and created effective friction along the capitalist hardened American reality. It's a long way to New Mexico and the bus is of course not the fastest. Time and occasions so there is plenty, to provide the most heart-winning obstinacy of the family to the test and to triumph accordingly. It is a dishonest world, is happening here. It presents itself in the McDonald's restaurants around the edges of passing cities, in family discussions at the dinner table of the sister, and finally in the hypocritically solemn funeral parlor. The problem of „Captain Fantastic“ but is less the formulaic, by multiplying together the clichés of American independent cinema, but the unsafe use of the formulas themselves. At the very beginning of the film makes it inevitably raises questions, what with all insistence on the liberal sense of the ceremonial celebration of a man naturally given genesis to be more enlightened than at the birthday party of the Savior. Of such motivic calculation errors, the film is full: In a moment should we marvel at, how bluntly the captain has informed his children already in preschool. The next one should laugh at it, that the eldest son thinks naively, to have the girls make a marriage proposal to his first kiss.

Viggo Mortensen is a great choice for the role of Ben Cash, because his appeal has something Introverted. He plays a highly attractive nerd and soon becomes clear, that perhaps not so much the children are, which must be redeemed. It is the father, the need to find out from the hardening. That the journey to the parents of Leslie goes and that the goal is, to save the body of the mother before a burial, reveals, that „Captain Fantastic“ and a comedy could have been. The alternative would be a comedy Ernst, could easily turn just on these issues in Kitsch. But even that avoids Ross. "Captain Fantastic" comes at the end of an attitude at, with which one could celebrate necessary even Christmas. Whatever always Ross netted: The result must always produce a smile on the oddities of the family. So ultimately thunders at any socially critical impulse, with which „Captain Fantastic“ tries withdraw, into space. In the end, you just want the children only the ketchup-soaked Hotdog, prohibits them eco-Papa.