A Cure for Wellness

Do you feel comfortable?

2017length unknown

Because the CEO of the company, he works, lingers too long in a wellness center in the Swiss Alps, makes the ambitious Boy Mr employees. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) on to Europe, to his boss Mr. Pembroke (Harry Groener) retrieve. Once there, He soon discovers, that the device is not the idyllic healing temple, than it presents itself to the outside world. Because he asks too many questions, diagnosed the staff finally Lockhart with the strange disease, which seems to capture all patients. Sub-directorate of the enigmatic spa conductor Volmer (Jason Isaacs) begins the treatment and his mind is put to the test. Together with long-term patient Hannah (Mia Goth) provides Lockhart However, while continuing research on, to the mystery of the device to get to the bottom ...

Title A Cure for Wellness
Original Titel A Cure for Wellness
Director Gore Verbinski
Term length unknown
Start date 15 February 2017
Rating very well

Already after the first seen trailers hitched to one of breathing and it was curious about the story behind. „A Cure for Wellness“ will start with a typical New York Business scene, which reflects the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Owned by the rise in the higher floors, seems Mr. Lockhart to be no one thing to shame. So he agrees to, his boss and CEO of the company, Mr. Pembroke, retrieve from a kind of spa vacation. His journey takes him to the distant Switzerland. And exactly this trip is the director also succeeded perfectly, there is a direct and hard cut between the troubled New York and the picture-perfect Switzerland instead.

The landscapes are very well done and the audience is immersed in a completely opposite world. Drawn by castles, Forests and a lot of rest and relaxation. There arrived pushes Mr. Lockhart to the mysterious Spa Clinic, their patients the young Americans are already not safe from the outset. There's the old lady, the mysterious messages with the help of crossword puzzling or a multitude of confused, but very happy people acting, which drink the water seems quite important. Already here smells of spectators, that it must have something to with the water. However, the story is so complex, that again pushes short time later other weird and unexplained things in the foreground. This tension holds the entire movie, and leads the audience through a breathtaking backdrop of the castle walls, partially on the castle Hohenzollern were shot and spa rooms, their functions and meaning not only confusing viewers. Whether it is a crypt under the castle walls or the delightfully quirky village pub, whose residents also seem strange extremst.

The complete film gives the moviegoer an incredibly long suspense, Also the only towards the end of the film – and at two and a half hours – clears. Now what exactly the clinic to a mysterious and eerie place makes both, stays here the movie fans sake times still unsettled, however remains just so much to say - the final has it, is somewhat trashy. Every horror movie lovers will have his fun with classic scenes (Mirror, cave, Submerged, dark rooms, water tanks). Each blank Thriller lovers climb his adrenaline levels with a complex constellation of (Young spooky woman, owned medical director). And any film fan of good taste will get their money anyway (Water, eels, urine samples, Crypt, Corpses, treatments, love story). And then also the occupation by Dane DeHaan, who has already played in films like Chronicles the mysterious boy - awesome. What more to say, as from the movies!