Lemmy Kilmisters death tore a huge gap in the music world. Now Lemmy should take up his final journey. Fans around the world can now by Livestream on the Motörhead-Youtube-Channel (or below) attend the funeral. The funeral takes place in the Rainbow Bar in Los Angeles, where Lemmy was known to be a regular guest, to take one or the other to be nightcap. As the funeral takes place in small groups and one world does not want to exclude the fans, was the decision to a live broadcast. The Rainbow Bar has released the following statement to the celebrations:

Blow WE TO!
"No matter where always you are, PLEASE find yourself together and see the ceremony with the other Motörheadbangern and friends together to. Go into your favorite bar, your favorite club, it safe, that there's a Internet-are connecting, and cast us to. Or just load your friends and celebrate Lemmy's life live at home. Wherever, However, let us all over the world come together on Saturday, the 9. celebrate January and let the life of our dear friend and irreplaceable icon.

We drink to you, Lemmy!


the complete record of the commemoration of Lemmy can be found here