Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones are two experienced stunt pilot, already since 17 Years flying together. The action, die sie für einen Energydrink-Hersteller ablieferten, war aber sicher auch für die Briten ein Novum. With approximately 300 Kilometers per hour, they are side by side through a hangar of the North Wales Llanbedr Airflield flown. Barnstorming called the flight Art, operate the Bonhomme and Jones. Jahrelange Übung ist für solche Stunts vonnöten, the other I can not even imagine, how to deal with such a small distance from each other and to the floor, notabene ein Meter Höhe, can fly and even then healing comes out of the thing. Absolutely amazing!

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Two Planes Fly Through a Hangar – Red Bull Barnstorming