Hell freezes over! Beware friends! Die Originalbesetzung der Misfits mit Sänger Glenn Danzig, Bassist Jerry Only und Sechssaiter Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein werden als „The Original Misfits“ for the first time since 1983 wieder zusammen auf der Bühne stehen und das „Riot Fest“ in Denver, from 2. to 4. September, as well as the „Riot Fest & Carnival“ in Chicago, from 16. to 18. September, headlinen. those, die ihren Augen nun kaum trauen können, Find more information for Riot Fest at riotfest.org, Tickets are also available there in advance. From Rolling Stone:

The Misfits formed in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey and gave punk a horror EDGE. Danzig reveled in the macabre on singles like „Bullet,“ „Horror Business“ and „Night of the Living Dead,“ and he’d occasionally dress in a full skeleton costume, while Only painted his eyes to look like he was dead. They’d also pull their hair forward into „devilocks.“ The bassist’s younger brother, Doyle, joined in 1980 and completed the band’s front line through its demise.

Misfits Reunion