With these words Tarek Mohamad begins, the obvious itself Muslim, its contribution to facebook and speaks in the message to his fellow Muslims many of the soul. He appeals to migrants: „Listen to, making criminal matters! Listen to, the Women considered here as sluts! Listen to, wanting people to impose the faith! Lives Islam itself peacefully.“ and „I do not want to take Europe! I want in PEACE with my Turkish, German, Kurdish and Jewish brothers and sisters live! Our countries are contaminated by bombs, violence and War! We come here, my having to make a gangster on! Trafficking, Prostitution, Drug trafficking and the spread of our partially medieval traditions! […] Islam is a peaceful and tolerant Religion! He tolerated every living being on this earth! I Love the people here in this country, my friends no matter where they come from and am grateful to God that I will be given a life of prosperity and security here! And! I am grateful! I adore not Saddam Hussein of thousands of Kurds killed has, destroyed no Assad of his people en masse and no Gaddafi who has his people can starve!“

Before his appeal on Facebook in response to the shooting rampage in Munich Mohamad was unknown. That has now changed abruptly. Mohamad does not write, what country he comes. He compares his countrymen with the Chinese. „I've never heard anything negative from those!“ From his compatriots already: „In each city, they now have Clans, mafia-like structures and the puffs in her hand! Is this true Islam, I ask you?“ Long enough had been silent. „What's on, if one is silent, shows Würzburg, and now Munich. Tomorrow can be your friends and family the dead.“ Mohamad speaks many people from the heart: „I would like to, that Muslims, Germans and other nations against the bastards of Salafists, IS fighters, Amok runners and Nazis hand in hand (…) Stand up“.

Not in my Name