As is known, yes METALLICA and Lady Gaga together with the 59. Grammy Awards occurred – and for this reason, Lady Gaga is now given the opportunity, Metallica's new „Co-lead singer“ to be. Regardless of the catastrophic appearance, wherein frontman Hetfield during the song „Moth Into Flame“ had a silent microphone, were his bandmates Ulrich, totally blown away Hammett and Trujillo of Gaga.

How WJLA from Washington reported, Lars Ulrich has now actually Lady Gaga offered a place in the band and invites Gaga to a, to join the band on stage, every time, if it allows her schedule. In an interview with Access Hollywood said drummer Ulrich:

We have got a brand new lead singer. Well, a brand new co-lead singer, is a greater way of saying it. We were speaking earlier about maybe making her a permanent member of the band, and being a five-piece from now on, so we’ll see.

Ulrich does not have a word about Lost, whether Lady Gaga will actually take a part in the next studio album, or whether they will only participate in live performances. But what is clear according to Lars: „This is just the beginning!“