In the US-Lateshow „The Late Show With James Corden“ has METALLICA-Drummer Lars Ulrich expressed about the technical problems with the microphone of James Hetfield and its visibly pissed response to the micro-failure. Then Ulrich goes into detail the reaction of James Hetfield to the problems: „We go from the stage, we go back - and I have not seen James for twenty years. He was on hundred and eighty! He's really aged well and he's a pretty relaxed type, but the first five or ten minutes in this backstage were really no fun!“ This description applies pretty much the impression, we had the departure of Metallica frontman. James Hetfield missed only his micro stand a hefty kick, before peppy peppered a guitar tech his instrument in his arms. As one can only hope, that he did not get the presumably responsible stage technician in the fingers… 😉