In this short film discover a few skaters on their boards Madagascar. Roads were not always available, but the people were very curious and open to this board with four wheels, that makes a crazy noise in the immediate vicinity. A very nice travelogue, unfortunately one of the last trips of Wilko Gruening shows.

The Red Bull skate team, along with filmmaker Patrik Wallner and photographer Lev Maslov, continue on their African adventures with a second Video installment, titled “Melodies for the Lemurs.” Intrigued by the Avenue of Baobabs, the group journey to the remote beach village of Morondava off the western side of Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel, looking to absorb LOCAL culture while spreading their own, and also find some unique and nifty skate spots along the way. Enjoy the skateboarding footage of the team, comprised of Barney Page, Denny Pham, Nestor Judkins, Wilko Grüning, Brian Dolle and Gosha Konyshev.