His days as an elite assassin lying in „Mechanic 2: Resurrection“ behind Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) - he thought at least. But then his murderous past catches up with him in the form of an old enemy, which has it all: Riah Crain (Sam Hazeldine). This exceptional opponents, whose path has crossed with the Bishop of years ago, kidnapped the girlfriend of the ex-Killers. Now the so-called Mechanic - once the best professional killer of his trade - forced, dust off his guns and abilities, and again to return back to his old job. Its mission is, to once around the world Travel, three seemingly impossible contract killings carried out on his very special way - in a way, that each holds for accidents instead executions. Only in this way can the Love save his life.

„Mechanic 2: Resurrection“ is the sequel to the action film „The Mechanic“ from the year 2011. However, the British actor Jason Statham is in addition composer Mark Isham the only, who returned for the sequel. All the other actors and the crew was replaced with new faces and names. So also leads Simon West, who staged the first part, not directed. This task was the German director Dennis Gansel, who, with his domestic films „Napola - elite for the leader“ (2004), „The wave“ (2008) and „We are the Night“ (2010) made a name on the borders of Germany. The sequel to „The Mechanic“ is for the director, the first foreign productions with English actors, which arises under its auspices.