In San Diego in more detail in McKamey Manor is it so tough to the point, that, um überhaupt an einer Tour teilnehmen zu dürfen, eine Reihe Kriterien erfüllen muss. Since it is no longer enough 18 to be years old, because the basis of experience, the age limit was on 21 raised years. Furthermore, you should be in excellent physical condition and it must be sign a form, welches bestätigt, dass man sich über die Risiken im Klaren ist.

McKamey Manor advertises the scheduled four hour trip with the following slogan: „Be the victim in your own horror movie.“ At Step into the house, you will not only with elaborate effects like lightning, faced steam and real graphic horror scenes, but especially with kinky creatures – and in that Fully Nahkontakt. Since you will be gagged among others, Torture is indicated or take an involuntary bath in fake blood. Insofern wird von teurer Kleidung und dem Mitführen von Wertgegenständen ausdrücklich abgeraten. But enough said, das folgende Promovideo dürfte sehr viel besser veranschaulichen, what one expects in McKamey Manor…

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MCKAMEY MANOR promo for ScareLA 2013